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Thursday, July 17, 2008

new website launched!
We are proud to announce the debut of interior design in chicago!  What do you think of our site?  Are you interested in finding a real designer?

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 ELIZABETH BENNETT lizproheadshot.jpg  Design Columnist
 State-licensed Residential Interior Designer until state no longer regulates residential designers on 8/31/11
Question:  One thing I hate about my house is the natural colored oak woodwork.  I noticed it's very common in the Midwest and I was brought up in the east coast where most homes have white woodwork.   We have far too much wood in our house, with a lot of crown molding and chair rails to have it turned into white, and then there are the doors and frame...but the next house will DEFINITELY have white woodwork.  Is it worth painting our woodwork?  We plan on selling when the home market picks up again.
Answer:  Actually, I have quite a few clients that have painted their natural oak wood trim and their doors a classic white color.  They preferred the painted white woodwork over the stained wood.  If white woodwork is your preference, then I suggest you get an estimate to have it painted.  It can be painted successfully by a professional painter. In my opinion, painted white woodwork is richer and more elegant.  In the Chicago area most homes over the $1,000,000 price range have painted white woodwork.  Sotheby’s is one of the premier real estate offices for the high-end market in Chicago and has a home on the market for $8,400,000 and the woodwork is white.  So it is safe to say that white woodwork is the standard for an upscale home.Some homeowners are concerned with the upkeep of white woodwork.  If you have it painted with an enamel finish it should clean up easily.  Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo Paint is a good product for painting woodwork.  Murphy’s Oil Soap and water is mild enough not to remove the paint yet strong enough to remove any scuffs.  Mr. Clean magic eraser works pretty well for fingerprints around the door handles.In defense of leaving your woodwork stained, there are some people that love oak woodwork, oak doors, oak spindles and railings.  It is true that many Southwest-Side homeowners love oak.  I was told by an employee (wishing to remain anonymous) who works in the trim department at Home Depot in Orland Park that oak sells more than white painted woodwork in this area.  He calls this area “Oakville.”  So it is possible that a buyer might prefer oak.Or maybe customers are buying oak to paint it.
This brings up another commonly asked question on painting wood.  Why do kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers offer maple, hickory or cherry cabinets in painted colors?  These are the harder woods, but if they are going to be painted why not go with more inexpensive oak or birch?If the thought of painting the “good” oak woodwork has some readers concerned, take a look at  They are an international paint company.  I attended their design professionals paint training session recently and was astounded that they suggested painting trim, doors and wood floors colors such as lavender, blue and green.  In England most residences are so very old that even floors are painted colors.  Now that is something I haven’t suggested to clients.If you go ahead with painting that woodwork, you will join the ranks of the First Family because the Obama family is now living in a home that has white painted woodwork! 
 An all oak kitchen →
homerglenbeforenorth.JPG is transformed and modernized into→ whitekitchennorthwallhomerglen.jpg 


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